“Jika dia mencintaimu, dia tidak akan membuatmu menunggunya tanpa kepastian. Mario Teguh”
I wish he were beside me. #missing #sad #loveyou


Al Saleh Mosque, Sanaa, Yemen. 
Photo taken by Mozna Olaqi. 

The Porch Picnic Dress is such an incredible summer style! You can never go wrong with sunshine yellow and some complimentary wedges! :) 
<3 Jess, ModStylist
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kissable-kodaks asked you:

Hi there! I just bought the Mink Pink Sculpture Under the Stars Dress and I’m just wondering what I should wear with it. It’s pre-grad so I’d like something semi-formal. I was thinking nude shoes, but then I wasn’t sure what jewelry (silver or gold). Thank you so much! :)

Thanks for your question! This dress is adorable, the large floral print and color are perfect for spring/summer! I styled this up for you with nude heels, gold and colra jewelry, and a cute flower crown. You could also keep it simple with either gold or silver jewelry! Mink Pink is such an amazing brand with a ton of other awesome pieces too! I hope this helps! <3 Chelsey, ModStylist

jessaverant asked you:
Hello! I’m getting ready to buy the Rainy Day Darling dress, but I’m not sure how to dress it up for work. I can imagine wearing it with sandals at the beach but other than that, how can it be dressed up? Thank you!
Hey there! The Rainy Day Darling dress could totally be dressed up for work with a few simple additions. A neutral piece like the In Living Monochrome Blazer instantly creates a professional appearance, especially when paired with darling shoes such as the Cruising Altitude Wedge in Navy. Add a structured bag and an armful of bracelets - I’m particularly fond of the Retro Rosie Bracelet in both colors - and you’ll find yourself with a super versatile piece that can easily transition from your work to personal life! Want more awesome frocks selected by the Mod community? Make sure to check out our collection of currently available Be The Buyer designs! <3 Kelly

and-i-will-wait asked you:

What would you wear with the Glimmer and Dancing Dress? (I want to wear it to my high school graduation so not so high heels would be nice so I don’t trip across stage!)

Hi there! Congrats on your upcoming graduation! The Glimmer and Dancing Dress would be so lovely for the occasion. Try pairing it with some low heels in a bright springtime shade like coral, teal, or lilac. From there, add a glam necklace and clutch. Hope this helps! <3 Jess, ModStylist